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Specializing in shop and mobile service and repair. On all types of construction equipment.
Maintenance is often the most over looked service on a machine. Neglecting to perform routine oil changes and services will lead to engine failure, fuel system failure and even hydraulic system failure. When these things fail it costs you not only repair costs but also lost productivity. We can visit your machine every 250 hours giving you flexibility and peace of mind.  Get set up on a routine maintenance plan and forget the hassle, let H2 Equipment Repair handle it! 
  1. OIl sampling
    OIl sampling
    Test your oil to know what's going on before failure! Oil sampling allows you to monitor wear on bearings and other hard parts in the engine, power train and hydraulic systems
  2. 250 Hour Service
    250 Hour Service
    The most common service, engine oil, change, oil filter change, fuel filter change. Air filter as needed. Equipment grease, and inspection.
  3. 1000 Hour Service
    1000 Hour Service
    At every 1000 hour interval. Change all oils, replacement of all filters. Adjust any brakes or boom chains, cables necessary.
  4. Annual Inspection
    Annual Inspection
    Offering annual inspections on equipment to meet MSHA and OSHA standards.
  5. Coolant Flush
    Coolant Flush
    Coolant breaks down due to all the heat it transfers over time, keep your coolant clean and engine at optimum operating temperature for the most power and fuel economy!
  6. Used Equip Inspection
    Used Equip Inspection
    Looking at buying a piece of equipment? Have it inspected before purchasing, test the oils and all nessasary clearences to avoid costly repairs.
  7. Performance Inspect
    Performance Inspect
    Think your running weak? We can check RPMS along with pressures to make sure your moving the most possible!